Monday, February 19, 2018

A Good Way To Wreck A Country

After 392 Days In Office Trump Still Trails Other Presidents

Donald Trump's job approval has risen slightly, and after 392 days in office it rests at 41.5%. That still trails all presidents since World War II. He is closest to Gerald Ford, who is 2.1 points ahead of him. Trump remains a very unpopular president!

This chart used information about poll averages for all presidents from

Justice Or Just ICE ?

Political Cartoon is by Mark Wilson at

Media Is Still Trusted More Than "Dishonest Donny"

Donald Trump knows he screwed up by trying to collude with the Russian government to affect the 2016 election (and yes, I think he ordered all of the attempts at collusion). Since he cannot fall back on the truth, he is taking a different course in an attempt to saving his presidency -- he's attacking the media. He wants Americans to believe the media made up the story about Russian collusion ("fake news") and is just spreading it because they don't like him.

But a majority of Americans aren't buying his lies -- his attempt to shift the blame for his own activities onto the media. About 51% say the "Russia story" is NOT fake news, while only 35% say it is. And the public trusts all of the major national media outlets (CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, NY Times, and Washington Post) more than they trust Trump. Trust for FOX was not as high as for other media (provably because most recognize that it is propaganda -- not news), but it still outranked Trump.

These charts use information contained in a new Public Policy Polling survey -- done between February 9th and 11th of a random national sample of 687 registered voters, with a margin of error of 3.7 points.


Political Cartoon is by Kevin Siers in The Charlotte Observer.

Donald Trump's Bad Habits Have Become Republican Habits

(Caricature of Donald Trump is by DonkeyHotey.)

When he was elected, some thought that other elected Republicans would have an effect on Trump and change him to being a more reasonable politician. They were wrong. Exactly the opposite has happened.

Instead of Trump changing Republicans, he has changed them -- and his bad habits have become their bad habits (especially for those working in the White House).

The following op-ed at was written by Jim VandeHei and Mike Allen:

All habits, good and bad — in all organizations, big and small — flow down fast from the top. This dynamic is particularly true in the White House, and unmistakably true in this Trump White House. 
The big picture: Trump’s lifelong habits — to improvise, to attack, to deny the undeniable, to leak — spread fast through the White House, metastasized in the agencies, and infected Republicans in Congress.  They are Republican habits now.
  • Look at Chief of Staff John Kelly, whose hold on his job looked more precarious after yesterday's devastating testimony from FBI Director Christopher Wray. He made it almost impossible to believe the West Wing's assertion that no top officials knew the full extent of the Rob Porter allegations until the Daily Mail story broke.
  • You see Kelly reflecting Trump with harsh instincts and words on immigration — and with the chief's willingness to double down and say the Porter fiasco was handled fine, defying the reality apparent to his colleagues.
  • Look at the leaks pouring out of the White House — including the president himself musing to outsiders about possible replacements for Kelly.
  • Axios' Jonathan Swan says the current level of leaking — much of it against Kelly — is almost as bad as it was when a good proportion of the White House staff was trying to kill Reince Priebus.
  • Look at the White House silence in situations that under previous presidents would have elicited shame or condemnation. And look how almost every elected Republican now sits with similar silence. 
  • Look at the messy, understaffed agencies and disregard for traditional rules of the road.
  • Look at the staff-on-staff infighting, as Trump's style breeds internal factions.
  • And it spreads to the GOP ... Trump trashed the FBI, so aides freely trashed the FBI, so congressional Republicans gladly piled on. And now just 38% of the party views the agency favorably, according to our Axios/SurveyMonkey poll.
  • "Trump's habits have infected Kelly," the official also said. "Trump never backs off, and Kelly continues to insist that he's right."
Why it matters: Trump has spent his life creating his own reality inside his head. Spend enough time working with him, and it becomes hard to resist seeing the world his way. Those who refuse to do so wind up lashing and leaking.
The malignant atmosphere was captured by the N.Y. Times' Peter Baker: "Trump is presiding over a staff in turmoil, one with a 34 percent turnover rate, higher than any White House in decades."
  • "He has struggled to fill openings, unwilling to hire Republicans he considers disloyal and unable to entice Republicans who consider him unstable."
  • "Those who do come to work for him often do not last long, burning out from a volatile, sometimes cutthroat environment exacerbated by tweets and subpoenas."
Be smart: Staffers tell me they go through a cycle of being enamored of Trump's larger-than life persona, but then become frustrated by the environment he creates and allows, followed by anger at his self-destructive tendencies.

The Three "R's"

Political Cartoon is by Jim Morin in The Miami Herald.

Pure Propaganda

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Langston Hughes

Biden Still Would Do Better Than Others Against Trump

Who has the best chance to beat Donald Trump in 2020? Public Policy Polling asked respondents who they would vote for in match-ups between Trump and Democrats Joe Biden, Cory Booker, Joe Kennedy, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, or Kirsten Gillibrand -- or Independent Bernie Sanders.

The poll respondents chose Joe Biden as the best candidate to oppose Trump (at least for now). Biden would beat Trump by 9 points, while Sanders and Booker would beat him by 4 points. Warren, Harris, and Gillibrand were tied with Trump.

I know some progressives don't want Biden as the candidate, but right now he is the obvious choice. Of course a lot could change in the next couple of years.

The poll was done between February 9th and 11th of a random national sample of 687 registered voters, with a 3.7 point margin of error.

Clinging To Stupidity

Political cartoon is by Clay Bennett in the Chattanooga Times Free Press.

"Well-Being" Drops In A Record 21 States Under Trump

These charts are from a recent Gallup Poll -- done between January 2nd and December 30th of a random national sample of 160,498 adults, with a margin of error of 0.15 points (and the margin of error for each state is between 0.6 and 1.6 points).

The survey tries to determine the well-being of the nation and each state by determining a score between 0 and 100. The higher the number the better off the people are in that state or the nation. The five criteria used are listed below (in green).   For the nation as a whole, well-being dropped from 62.1 in 2016 to 61.5 in 2017. The states also did not fare too well in 2017 under the Trump administration.

Normally, a few states will show improvement and a few will show some decline. But 2017 was different. An amazing 21 states showed decline (the most since Gallup has done the survey), and not a single state showed improvement (also the first time that's happened in Gallup's survey).

It was not a good year for this country.

  • Purpose: liking what you do each day and being motivated to achieve your goals
  • Social: having supportive relationships and love in your life
  • Financial: managing your economic life to reduce stress and increase security
  • Community: liking where you live, feeling safe and having pride in your community
  • Physical: having good health and enough energy to get things done daily
  • Congress Is In A Different "Land"

    Political Cartoon is by Steve Sack in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

    Evangelicals Are Killing Christianity In The United States

    The following opinion piece from is by Miguel De La Torre (pictured):

    Christianity has died in the hands of Evangelicals. Evangelicalism ceased being a religious faith tradition following Jesus’ teachings concerning justice for the betterment of humanity when it made a Faustian bargain for the sake of political influence. The beauty of the gospel message — of love, of peace and of fraternity — has been murdered by the ambitions of Trumpish flimflammers who have sold their souls for expediency. No greater proof is needed of the death of Christianity than the rush to defend a child molester in order to maintain a majority in the U.S. Senate.
    Evangelicals have constructed an exclusive interpretation which fuses and confuses white supremacy with salvation. Only those from the dominant culture, along with their supposed inferiors who with colonized minds embrace assimilation, can be saved. But their salvation damns Jesus. To save Jesus from those claiming to be his heirs, we must wrench him from the hands of those who use him as a façade from which to hide their phobias — their fear of blacks, their fear of the undocumented, their fear of Muslims, their fear of everything queer.
    Evangelicalism has ceased to be a faith perspective rooted on Jesus the Christ and has become a political movement whose beliefs repudiate all Jesus advocated. A message of hate permeates their pronouncements, evident in sulphurous proclamations like the Nashville Statement, which elevates centuries of sexual dysfunctionalities since the days of Augustine by imposing them upon Holy Writ. They condemn as sin those who express love outside the evangelical anti-body straitjacket.
    Evangelicalism’s unholy marriage to the Prosperity Gospel justifies multi-millionaire bilkers wearing holy vestments made of sheep’s clothing who discovered being profiteers rather than prophets delivers an earthly security never promised by the One in whose name they slaughter those who are hungry, thirsty and naked, and the alien among them. Christianity at a profit is an abomination before all that is Holy. From their gilded pedestals erected in white centers of wealth and power, they gaslight all to believe they are the ones being persecuted because of their faith.
    Evangelicalism’s embrace of a new age of ignorance, blames homosexuality for Harvey’s rage rather than considering the scientific consequences climate change has on the number of increasing storms of greater and greater ferocity. To ignore the damage caused to God’s creation so the few can profit in raping Mother Earth causes celebrations in the fiery pits of Gehenna.
    Evangelicalism forsakes holding a sexual predator, an adulterer, a liar and a racistaccountable, instead serving as a shield against those who question POTUS’ immorality because of some warped reincarnation of Cyrus. Laying holy hands upon the incarnation of the very vices Jesus condemned to advance a political agenda — instead of rebuking and chastising in loving prayer — has prostituted the gospel in exchange for the victory of a Supreme Court pick.
    Evangelicalism either remained silent or actually supported Charlottesville goose steppers because they protect their white privilege with the doublespeak of preserving heritage, leading them to equate opponents of fascist movements with the purveyors of hatred. Jesus has yet recovered from the vomiting induced by the Christian defenders of torch-wielding white nationalists calling for “blood-and-soil.”
    The Evangelicals’ Jesus is satanic, and those who hustle this demon are “false apostles, deceitful workers, masquerading as apostles of Christ. And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. It is not surprising, then, if his servants also masquerade as servants of righteousness. Their end will be what their actions deserve” (2 Cor. 11:13-15, NIV).
    You might wonder if my condemnation is too harsh. It is not, for the Spirit of the Lord has convicted me to shout from the mountaintop how God’s precious children are being devoured by the hatred and bigotry of those who have positioned themselves as the voice of God in America.
    As a young man, I walked down the sawdust aisle at a Southern Baptist church and gave my heart to Jesus. Besides offering my broken heart, I also gave my mind to understanding God, and my arm to procuring God’s call for justice. I have always considered myself to be an evangelical, but I can no longer allow my name to be tarnished by that political party masquerading as Christian. Like many women and men of good will who still struggle to believe, but not in the evangelical political agenda, I too no longer want or wish to be associated with an ideology responsible for tearing humanity apart. But if you, dear reader, still cling to a hate-mongering ideology, may I humbly suggest you get saved.


    Political Cartoon is by marian Kamensky at

    Believing In Myths

    Saturday, February 17, 2018

    An American Myth

    Russian And U.S. Troops Are Fighting Each Other In Syria

    (This image of Russian "mercenaries" is by Vasily Maximov / APF / Getty images.)

    Things are starting to get very scary in Syria. The American public, thanks to lies from the Trump administration, is under the impression that Russia and the United States are operating together to fight ISIS in Syria. The truth is very different. Russia is there to help the Assad government stay in power, and the U.S. is there to aid the Kurds and Syrians fighting against Assad.

    Russia has what it calls "mercenaries" fighting on the ground in Syria. But make no mistake. That designation is just to give Russia some "plausible deniability". Those are Russian soldiers operating under orders from the Russian government (Putin). And they are fighting U.S. troops stationed in Syria.

    Last week, Syrian government troops and Russian "mercenaries" attacked a base in Deer Ezzor -- a base where the Russians knew U.S. (and Kurdish) troops were stationed. The attack was beaten back by American air power, and those mercenaries suffered heavy casualties (which were flown by Russian Air Force to military hospitals in Moscow and St. Petersburg).

    Make no mistake -- Russia and the United States are now in a shooting war. So far, this is confined to a small part of Syria. Will it remain that way, or does this portend a wider war between the two countries?

    Neither the U.S. nor Russia has a legitimate reason to have troops in Syria. That's a conflict that must be settled by the Syrians. Once both sent troops to Syria, it was inevitable that they would sooner or later be fighting each other. Now, it is happening.

    Do Putin and Trump have enough sense to step back and stop this? I doubt it. Both are narcissists who can't admit any wrongdoing or mistakes -- and both would like to impose their will on the Middle East through military power. There is a very good chance that this situation gets worse instead of better.


    Political Cartoon is by Randy Bush in the Pittsburg Tribune-Review.

    Poll Shows Majority Would Favor Impeachment If Mueller Finds Anything Implicating Trump Or His Campaign Aides

    This is a recent poll done by Greenberg/Quinlan/Rosner Research. It was done between January 29th and February 3rd of a random national sample of 1,000 registered voters.

    It shows that majority would favoring impeaching Trump if Special Prosecutor Mueller finds that Trump was involved in collusion with Russians (65%), if Trump committed financial crimes (63%), If collusion occurred without Trump and he obstructed justice (62%), if just obstruction of justice by Trump happened (62%), if aides colluded w/o Trump (59%), or if obstruction occurred w/o Trump (58%).

    There is an extremely good chance that Mueller will find that at least one of those things happened (and probably more than one). That will put pressure on Congress to impeach Trump.

    The congressional Republicans have imbibed the orange kool-aid though, and it is unlikely they will move to impeach him if they retain control of Congress. This makes it even more important that Democrats are able to flip control of Congress in the November election.


    Political Cartoon is by Daryl Cagle at

    Elizabeth Warren Answers Trump's "Pocahontas" Smear

    Donald Trump is afraid of Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts, so he tries to belittle her at every opportunity by referring to her as "Pocahontas" (not realizing that in doing so he is displaying his own racist attitude toward Native Americans).

    In her latest e-mail to her supporters, Senator Warren answers Trump's smear in her own way -- with class and displaying reverence for Native Americans. She writes:

    I was honored to speak yesterday at the National Congress of American Indians’ Executive Council Winter Session & Tribal Nations Policy Summit.

    I’ve noticed that when my name comes up, Donald Trump likes to talk about Pocahontas. So I figured, let’s talk about Pocahontas. Not the tale that's been twisted for centuries – but the real Pocahontas, and her story of heroism. And bravery. And pain.

    I also told the story of my parents, because they were real people too. My mother’s family was part Native American. And my daddy’s parents were bitterly opposed to their relationship. So when Mother was 19 and Daddy had just turned 20, they eloped.

    I get why some people think there’s hay to be made here. You won’t find my family members on any rolls, and I’m not enrolled in a tribe. I respect that distinction. Tribal membership is determined by tribes – and only by tribes. I never used my family tree to get a break or get ahead. I never used it to advance my career.

    The love they shared, the struggles they endured, the family they built, and the story they lived will always be a part of me. No one – not even the President – will ever take that part of me away.

    And yesterday I made a promise to the tribal leaders: Every time someone brings up my family’s story, I’m going to use it to lift up the story of their families and communities.



    Political Cartoon is by Adam Zyglis in The Buffalo News.

    The 30 Year Smear

    Friday, February 16, 2018

    America's Infinite Circle

    A Plurality Would Prefer Obama Was Still President

    The charts on this page are from the Ipsos / University of Virginia Center for Politics Poll -- done on February 7th and 8th of a random national sample of 1,004 adults, with a margin of error of 3.5 points.

    The top chart shows the percentage respondents would choose to be president right now (if all of them were alive right now). Note that President Barack Obama leads the pack with 31% -- besting even Ronald Reagan (22%) and John F. Kennedy (16%). Those three were the only one to get a double-digit percentage.

    Donald Trump finished fourth with 9%. Personally, I think that's far too high for him. Any president on the list (including Richard Nixon) would be a better president than Trump.

    In the charts below, respondents were asked to rate each president on a scale of 1(poor) to 10(great). Note that Trump falls far down the list with only a 4.20, While Obama stays high with a 6.15 -- bested only by Kennedy with a 6.56 and Reagan with a 6.29.

    The only problem I have with the list is the rating of Lyndon Johnson. I would have rated him much higher for his creation of Medicare and his War on Poverty. I guess that most people only remember his mistakes in Vietnam.

    Bloody Hands

    Political Cartoon is by Christopher Weyant in The Boston Globe.

    NRA Gave These Nine Senators Over $22 Million

    From ReverbPress:

    Here’s the chart which shows the lobbying group’s spending on their nine favorite Senators broken down by direct campaign contributions, independent spending (PACs and other groups), and independent spending against their opponents. For details, move your mouse over the parts of the chart that interest you. As the small and barely-visible slivers of blue show, the NRA pays very little in direct campaign contributions.

    The lion’s share of the direct and indirect contributions from the NRA — a total of $22,596,399 — went to just nine senators:

  • Mitch McConnell (R-KY): $1,262,189
  • Roy Blunt (R-MO): $1,433,952
  • Pat Roberts (R-KS): $1,584,153
  • Tom Cotton (R-AR): $1,968,714
  • David Perdue (R-GA): $1,997,512
  • Bill Cassidy (R-LA): $2,867,074
  • Joni Ernst (R-IA): $3,124,773
  • Cory Gardner (R-CO): $3,939,199
  • Thom Tillis (R-NC): $4,418,833
  • Divided Countries

    Political Cartoon is by Rob Rogers in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

    Some Reasonable Gun Laws WOULD Save Many Lives

    (This chart is from

    As the chart above shows, the United States has over 25 times more homicides committed with a gun than any of the other high-income countries (developed countries). That is ridiculous, and it is tied to our extremely lax gun laws (allowing anyone to buy any kind of gun they want -- regardless of criminality, terroristic tendencies, or mental illness).

    Right-wingers will be quick to tell you that stricter gun laws will not prevent gun violence. Bullshit! While they may not prevent ALL gun deaths, they would prevent many of them. Stricter gun laws save lives in other countries, and it could do the same here (and that could be done without violating the Constitution).

    Here is most of an article by Melinda Wenner Moyer in Scientific American that names four laws that could save many lives without violating the Second Amendment:

    The right gun laws do prevent shootings, research strongly indicates. And these laws do not mean confiscating everybody’s guns. Scientific American spoke with Garen Wintemute, director of the Violence Prevention Research Program at the University of California, Davis, Medical Center, and Daniel Webster, director of Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health’s Center for Gun Policy and Research, about four feasible legal and policy changes that would be most effective. Here are the life-saving laws and the data that supports them.

    1—Require permits to purchase
    One clear flaw in federal gun laws is that prospective buyers do not get background checks when buying from private sellers, only when buying from licensed dealers. An effective solution would be to require people to apply, in-person, at local law enforcement agencies for gun purchase permits. This approach would “make it harder for bad guys to buy guns,” Wintemute says. These laws are already in place for handgun purchases in 10 states and in Washington, D.C. In a 2009 study involving 53 cities Webster and his colleagues found this approach, which gives law enforcement officials discretion about who they gave permits to, was linked with a 68 percent reduced risk of guns being diverted to criminals post-sale. But after Missouri repealed its permit-to-purchase handgun law in 2007, firearm homicide rates increased by 25 percent, a jump that was not seen in neighboring states or the rest of the country, Webster’s team reported. Missouri’s repeal was also linked with a 52 percent increase in handgun murders of law enforcement officers in the line of duty.

    Permit-to-purchase approaches are more effective than seller-focused comprehensive or universal background checks. One reason is that sellers who fail to conduct checks are rarely punished. “Our research in Maryland and Pennsylvania has shown that very few people are arrested, prosecuted and punished for not complying,” Webster says. “There is no available evidence that comprehensive background checks without permit-to-purchase is effective in reducing shootings.” Another major flaw with universal checks is that relevant information is not always reported to agencies to be included in the background check database. Kelley should have failed his background check because of his domestic violence conviction in the Air Force, but the incident had not been reported. “Agencies just don’t report when they know they’re supposed to, when they know they’re required to,” Wintemute says, because “reporting is time- and labor-intensive.” Permit-to-purchase laws could circumvent this issue because local law enforcement has direct access to details about criminal history.

    2—Ban individuals convicted of any violent crime from gun purchase
    Americans with convictions for domestic violence are already banned for life from buying guns (although again, Kelley fell through the cracks). But that is not the case for other violent offenders. “If I punch my partner and I’m convicted, under federal law I’m prohibited for life,” Wintemute says, “but I can punch my next-door neighbor and in most of the country that has no implications for gun ownership whatsoever.” California is an illustrative exception: In 1991 the state passed a law preventing individuals with violent convictions from buying guns. And in a studypublished in JAMA The Journal of the American Medical Association in 2001 Wintemute and his colleagues studied its effects. Convicts who were allowed to buy guns before the law passed were nearly 30 percent more likely to be arrested later for a gun crime or other violent act compared with convicts who tried, but were unable, to buy guns after the law was passed. “That’s a big effect,” Wintemute says.

    3—Make all serious domestic violence offenders surrender firearms
    The federal statute preventing domestic violence criminals from having guns has a big loophole: Guns often aren’t taken away unless criminals voluntarily relinquish them to local law enforcement agencies. So offenders can get out of jail and immediately start using guns they have cached. Some states are now passing state laws requiring individuals convicted of domestic violence crimes to surrender their firearms; an October 2017 study found that these “relinquishment” laws are nearly 50 percent more effective than non-relinquishment laws at reducing intimate partner violence.

    It would also help a lot to restrict guns from people with domestic violence restraining orders against them. In a 2010 study Webster and his colleagues found restrictions based on restraining orders were associated with a 19 percent reduction in the risk for intimate partner homicide in large U.S. cities. Such restrictions are in place in 35 states and Washington D.C.

    These changes are important because intimate partner violence is strongly tied to mass shootings: A 2015 report by the Congressional Research Service found more than one fifth of all public mass shootings between 1999 and 2013 were precipitated in part by domestic disputes. During this period there were also 127 nonpublic mass shootings in the U.S. that involved an individual killing at least four family members. Keeping people prone to domestic violence away from firearms would prevent many massacres.

    4—Temporarily ban active alcohol abusers from firearms
    Federal law prohibits people who are addicted to and/or unlawfully using controlled substances from owning guns. But recent data suggest some nine million U.S. firearm owners also binge drink, which is a specific medical problem involving abuse of the substance alcohol. Wintemute’s research suggests people with DUIs (driving under the influence) are four to five times as likely as people with no criminal record to be arrested for a violent crime in the future. Based on these data, Wintemute proposes a temporary ban on gun possession among individuals who have had, in the past five years, two or more convictions for DUI or another crime that indicates alcohol abuse. “There’s just no question that alcohol abuse is a risk factor for future violence in the general population, and it’s specifically a risk factor for future firearm violence,” he says.

    The evidence, taken together, shows these four laws could make a significant dent in U.S. gun violence if implemented in every state.

    School Days In U.S.

    Political Cartoon is by Darrin Bell at

    Wisdom From Ann

    Thursday, February 15, 2018

    Hating Trump

    Generic Ballot Favors Dems (Thanks To Women Voters)

    This is the latest poll showing how voters would vote for Congress (if the election was now). It is the Public Policy Polling survey -- done between February 9th and 11th of a random national sample of 687 registered voters, with a margin of error of 3.7 points.

    The poll shows that Democrats currently hold an 8 point advantage (49% to 41%). Perhaps the most important is the gender gap, which significantly favors Democrats. While men favor Republicans by a 3 point margin, women favor Democrats by a whopping 17 point margin. That could be even worse, considering the fact that women vote in larger numbers than men do. And the proliferation of misogynists, abusers, and wife-beaters in the White House is certainly not going to help Republicans.

    It's still looking like we could have a wave election in November -- an election that would flip one or both houses of Congress to the control by Democrats.

    America Worships

    Political Cartoon is by David Fitzsimmons in the Arizona Daily Star.

    New Poll Shows Americans Don't Respect Trump

    The charts above were made using information in a new Public Policy Polling survey -- done between February 9th and 11th of a random national sample of 687 registered voters, with a margin of error of 3.7 points.

    They show the public doesn't have much respect for the narcissist living in the White House.

    Arrivals / Departures

    Political Cartoon is by R.J. Matson in Roll Call.

    "There Has Never Been An Administration Like This"

    Steve Schmidt is a Republican. He was the senior campaign advisor to John McCain in 2008, and has also worked on the campaigns of Arnold Schwarzenegger and George W. Bush. But he is also a rarity -- an honest Republican.

    Here is what he told MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace about the mess the Trump administration has made out of the Rob Portman wife-beating scandal:

    The story imploded today like it was a building implosion or stadium implosion you were watching on tv. What happened here is that the FBI came back and they said, ‘hey, the staff secretary who has a code-word SCI top-secret clearance is credibly accused of beating his two wives.’ And the White House took no action, kept him in place.

    We see the abject incompetence that was described in the Michael Wolff book. We see recklessness around national security issues, scores of west wing officials don’t have the requisite clearances necessary to see the nation’s most closely guarded secrets. 

    We see the usual dishonesty and it’s blowing up in their face. And lastly, we see the cruelty. The cruelty of the press secretary toward these women. Of Kellyanne Conway toward these women. Of the President of the United States toward these women. And really, the whole of the administration toward these women.

    I think the important thing to understand, to remember, for the American people, is that this is not normal. This is — there’s never been an administration like this. In fact, when you look out across all the western democracies, you don’t see lying like this. the constancy of lying, the dishonesty, the allegations of conspiracy, the smearing, the defend-to-the-end at all costs the image and the reputation of the leader.

    There’s never been anything like this. We are in a — we are in unchartered territory with this comportment and it’s vile. The behavior is disgraceful, it’s disgusting.

    The country has never before now elected somebody who is so manifestly unfit intellectually, morally, temperamentally, for the office of President of the United States.

    Selective Free Speech

    Political Cartoon is by Jen Sorensen at